About DUDE School
and our crazy origins.

DUDE is the world’s #1 resource for web development and design support for digital agency. We know because our founder, Chris Martinez, started with a digital agency way back in 2012. After discovering how difficult it is to find the right people and processes to grow profitably, Chris found the “hidden gem” for hiring talent and the systems to get a ton of projects completed on-time and on-budget. Now we are taking everything we’ve learned about scaling profitably and teaching agencies how to build their agencies.

DUDE Facts

Headquarters in San Diego
and Tijuana, Mexico

30,000 +

Website, funnel, and
design requests completed.

40 +

Staff and growing exponentially

50,000 +

Tecates Drank

Our Mission and Why
DUDE School Exists

Our mission with DUDE School is to give C-Level Executives and Leaders at Digital Agencies the tools, knowledge, and mentorship so that they can scale profitably. Sales is easy.

Running the business and being profitable is HARD. That’s why we’re giving you the templates, training, and mentorship to grow.

How We Crush It With
DUDE School

We give you real advice that we know works.
Not “get-rich-quick-BS” or theory.


Online Training

Easy-to-follow lessons for every
leadership role in your agency.



Templates and tools so you can get
up and running quickly. No need
to reinvent the wheel.



Network with other high-level
agency owners and get access
to mentorship.