Hello and thank you for joining me. My name is Chris Martinez CEO and we are about to embark on the SOP bootcamp. I’m really, really excited about this and so I’ll just give you kind of like a little quick history of myself. So you know, I started an agency, didn’t have a roadmap, you know, there weren’t as many gurus as there are out there today.

And so we got to started and eventually we got to a point in our agency, getting these projects, and we had to create all these standard operating procedures so that we can continue to take on these projects and then get them completed on time and on budget. And that’s really when I started to fall in love with creating SOPs.

Maybe you’re feeling now that not having these SOPs makes you feel like you could be so much further down the road if you just had them. But you know, sometimes you can’t just hire people and you shouldn’t just be hiring people, you know, just because you need and is not the proper way to grow an agency. You want to be able to maximize the efficiency and leverage resources as you go along to help accommodate for some of the agency growth.

And so I’m very excited to share with you our best practices for creating your own SOPs. I’m going to give you a lot of templates and you can just speak directly from me and implement for yourself and basically leverage my knowledge and it’s like you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and I’m swerving to cover a lot in this big camp.

You know, I encourage you to kind of go through it and phases, um, cause there is so much feel to cover. Um, but I’m giving you all my best stuff and I mean we’ve now with dude as well as within my agency. I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of websites, editing pages, updates and changes, design work. I mean, you name it, you know, we’ve pretty much, and we’ve kind of asked. And so hiring, um, our team is around 40 ish right now and we’re hiring more people. So, you know, we plan on finishing year 50 people as I’m speaking right now, it’s mid November.

So, um, you know, I know what I’m talking about and I’m giving you all my best stuff. And there’s a lot of people who, a lot of agency people who are [inaudible] PS and operations, it’s mainly around sales and how to get more clients and all that stuff, which is fantastic. Absolutely need to get more clients. But after a while you realize that this is really where you’re going to make or lose all your money and you can bring on a lot of projects. But if you can’t game, you’re gonna lose all of your profits, possibly lose money on these projects. And then moreover, you’re going to chemist your reputation because you’re not able to deliver the results that your clients are expecting. So get ready. And I’m extremely excited to peel back the walls and show you exactly how we operate and give you all of our best tips and tricks. I will see you in the next Lessons.

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