Build Better Leaders. Maximize Efficiency. Drive More PROFIT.

DUDE School provides C-Level Training and Support to help you run your agency more efficiently and scale profitably.

***This is NOT for beginners or newbs***

Sales is Easy.

Being a Good Leader is Hard.

There are no bad teams.  Only bad leaders.  You need great leaders in your agency to help you grow.  The problem is that nobody teaches agencies how to be good leaders, have world-class operations, recruit the best teammates, and be highly profitable…until now.

We provide training in each these areas:

Be a better visionary and leader.

Put the vision into action.

Manage the numbers.

Your biggest asset… the people.

Your biggest asset… the people.

Delight your customers.

Meet Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez is the CEO and Founder of DUDE. He has run an agency with hundreds of clients and through DUDE has built a team with dozens of team members and agency clients all over the US and Canada. DUDE have completed over 30,000 tasks for agency owners and he is bringing everything he knows about scaling a world-class operation to DUDE School.